“Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler”

Albert Einstein

Together, we create new opportunities 

for a successful business performance

HubCloud is business management software built on the basic rules of managerial and financial accounting. Logically simple idea makes this platform more efficient and affordable to use for any company.



Develop an efficient business management software with no coding.

Make it affordable for every entrepreneur 

To create a customized solution for any business processes

Welcome to HubCloud team

HubCloud is young, dynamically developing company, founded in 2017 with a completely new way of organization, using flexible principles and approach of Scrum-mastering in product development.

Alexander Romanov

CEO, co-founder

HubCloud is a unique, universal platform capable of reversing the principles of building accounting systems in the world.

We form new vision and approaches in this area.

Sergey Deev

CEO HubCloud , co-founder

“All economists love Excel. The main reason is not even flexibility, but versatility. Excel is just like mathematics. I learned a formula or some method in solving one problem, and this method will not let you down in solving other problems. ”

Michael Zyubin

Development Team Leader, co-founder

“In the modern world in the field of IT for 5 years approaches and technologies almost completely change. There must be something fundamentally new and on the market accounting systems. ”

Art Romanov

CEO LA branch, co-founder

“It’s important to have the freedom to quickly and intuit expand functionality and combine with the ability to manage changes. That’s why for small and medium businesses, such a platform is more attractive than well-known heavy and expensive solutions such as SAP, Axapta, and others. ”

Our success

depends on the success of our clients

Before we stumble upon HubCloud, we conducted our bookkeeping and accounting in 3 different programs. It was time-consuming. With the HubCloud software, we were able to transform the manufacture solutions under our company. It took us 2 weeks to do that and cost us almost nothing”

Phillip / Owner of Curtains manufacturer, USA

“When we were looking for business management software, our main preference was the ability to access 24 hours from anywhere and any type of device. HubCloud was our choice and it never disappointed us.”

Anna / Sailing Yacht Charter CEO, Croatia

“HubCloud helped us to distribute our time into the schedule and production process, giving us 30% more time to spend on expanding the company”

Mike Freeman / Enjoyer CEO, CA

Join us

and help to create a better future


HubCloud is a unique, universal platform capable of reversing the principles of building accounting systems in the world. We form new visions and approaches in this area.

For the implementation of a full management accounting, solving problems of the ERM | MRP or other similar solutions based on HubCloud do not require programming skills.


Having a basic knowledge of computer science, economics, and finance PLUS a specialized course from HubCloud will allow you to easily master a new profession. Accounting professionals will find many interesting solutions and will be able to expand their current knowledge and competencies.

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