Many tasks, one HUB


How it works

HubCloud service allows you to implement a system for your managerial tasks with no coding and in a short period.

   Cloud software as a service (SaaS)

   Customizable for any tasks

   No coding

  Unique high speed data exchange

   Simple formulas for any calculations and data processing

  Any custom reports & analytics tools

Full Data security.

Microsoft Azure service protection.

Access from anywhere on earth, from any device

  Integrate with other services

You can customize the accounting model for your business using interactive designers.

Five elements

to create any configuration



describe all business objects


set of actions that your business commits


tables in which all changes are recorded

Reports & Indicators

summary information to determine the current status of your business


any data extraction and analysis, calculations

Fast implementation

Time is priceless. Integration process  is no longer than 3 weeks.


With any point of sales and bank clients

Access control

Flexible system of access right  based on your company structure

Analytics & Reports

Basic reports:

 Balance sheet

Accounts receivable

 Current balances

Cost calculation

 Profit and loss

 Cash flow

Customizable reports: Individually for any analytical section

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