Logistics is an information-based activity of inventory movement across a supply chain


The goal of logistics is to meet customer requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Transportation may be one system and warehousing may be other

The different logistics activities are clubbed together as one cost and the cost is brought down as the whole

Solution features

Calculation of the necessary raw materials, goods

Area load uniformity control

Supplier order management

Transportation request management

Control of delivery times and forecast of cargo arrival

Incomers sample delivery support

Cargo reception, control of claims, credit notes

Batch accounting (and related documents, for example, batch certificates)

Calculation of the cost of goods during transportation

Inventory Planning and Management

Warehousing processing

Orders processing

Transportation processing

How it works

Reports and indicators

Operational information, where – what – when

P&L, cash flow, balance sheets.

Orders taking


Notification box status

And many others for your needs

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