All operations in the manufacturing business are connected and to have the maximum profit, always requires a tool, that would help to run the company more efficient.


Manufacturing is one of the most complex businesses.

The owner or CEO needs to have full data about future orders for the most effective management of the company.

The optimum supply of components necessary for efficient production.

Solution features

Current balance tracking of: production materials, maintenance stuff, finished product.

Gathering all pending orders. Notifying when it’s time to start the work.

Automatic tasks creation: production materials purchase tasks, maintenance stuff purchase tasks.

Cost calculation

Supply Chain Management

Adjustable for company needs

Any level access control

Payroll calculation

Additional services orders

How it works

Reports and indicators

P&L, cash flow, balance sheets.

Production’s tasks

Supply tasks

Orders taking

Profit this month

Notification box status

And many others for your needs

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