Charter company is a capital-intensive business with a large number of stuff and third-party services necessary to maintain the boat or yacht in a certain condition, acceptable to the client.


Aging a yacht reduces its consumer preference and market price. Also, maximum sales are limited by the duration of the season.

Employees deal with a large number of items that are used in operation, maintenance and repair of yachts.

In the absence of proper accounting of all expenses and their ratio to the sale price of boat rental, it is very difficult to track profit.

HubCloud Yacht Solution

  Actual owner’s report for correct path of expanding

  Booking schedule

Online Booking Balance of payments report

  Income / expense correlation for each yacht

  Net profit calculation

Operational report on the costs of managing the yacht to the boat owner. The report is generated in one click (for the Boat management service)

Reduce cost errors in operations when settling with clients, especially in case of assessing damage and returning deposits

Special event’s cost management (ex. Regatta, Flotilla …)

Expenses – full control, management & reduction

Assessment of the profitability of sales/business

The ability to evaluate management effectiveness

Other customizable operations, reports & indicators are availible for any company needs

How it works

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